XD50 Combined Partial Discharge Analyzer

XD50 Combined Partial Discharge Analyzer

The XD50 combined partial discharge (PD) analyzer is our latest PD analyzer model designed to fit any use case where quick measurement and analyzing is needed. The analyzer supports four means of testing: AE, UHF, HF, and TEV, with arbitrarily configurable channels. A wide range of accessories makes it fit most types of electrical installation: transformer, GIS, SF6 circuit breaker, switchgear, and power cable. The analyzer is lightweight and compact, but packs all the advanced features.

Complying Standards

•  IEC 62478/TS/Ed1-2016 High voltage test techniques-Measurement of partial discharge by electromagnetic and acoustic methods.

•  *DL/T 417-2006 Guide for partial discharge measuring of power equipment.

•  DL/T 846-2016 General technical specifications for high voltage test equipment.

•  DL/T 1630-2016 Specification for partial discharge special high-frequency detection of gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear.

•  DL/T 1416-2015 General technical specifications for ultrasonic based partial discharge tester.

•  **Q/GDW 11061-2013 Technical specifications for partial discharge ultrasonic detectors.

•  Q/GDW 11400-2015 Field application guide for high frequency partial discharge on-site testing technology of power equipment.

•  Q/GDW 11063-2013 Technical specification for transient earth voltage partial discharge detector.

•  ***Q/CSG 11401-2010 Technical specification for ultra high-frequency partial discharge detection of gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (GIS).

•  *DL/T stands for “Recommended standards of electric power industry of China”.

•  **Q/GDW stands for “Corporation standard of State Grid Corporation of China”.

•  ***Q/CSG stands for “Corporation standard of China Southern Power Grid”.

Key Features

•  Highly sensitive:For each PD detection method, we design our proprietary low-noise, high-gain signal conditioning circuits to work with specialized sensors to measure even the weakest PD signals.

•  Robust to interferences:Complete suite of interferences reducing technologies: Frequency-spectrum analysis, frequency-selective filtering, interferences separation, and comprehensive shielding.Handy tools to suppress noise and amplify signals on time domain: Selecting windowing, masking windowing, and threshold gauging.

•  Diagnosis and analysis:Full range of analysis assisting graphical interfaces: PR, PRPD, PRPS, relevance graph and rolling window graph.Relevant parameters, such as peak value, phase, and discharge frequency, can be extracted to aid the analysis.Built-in interference and discharge patterns for automated signal classification.

•  Accurate localization:Supports highly accurate electric and electric-acoustic localization.

•  Synchronization:Accurate phase and frequency signal capturing.Wired and wireless synchronization.

•  Long battery life:Built-in lithium battery provides more than 8 hours of continuous working time, and can be recharged under 2 hours.

•  Easy operation:The analyzer unit is compact and lightweight, can be hand-held or be used with lanyard or tripod, and has a touch screen that is readable even under direct sunlight.Sensors can be mounted and removed with ease.

Technical Specifications

Sensitivity AE10pC, TEV10pC, HF5pC, UHF0.1pC Linearity error ±5%
ADC 16Bit, 250MS/s Battery 24V/5Ah Li-ion
Measuring frequency band

AE (20~200KHz), TEV (3~100MHz),

HF (3~30MHz), UHF (300~1500MHz)

Size 236*177*53mm
Localization error 10cm Weight 1500g
Synchronization Wired, wireless, AC 10~380V 30~300Hz adaptive, error 0.01°, Wireless range75m


AE PD testing on switchgears

TEV PD testing on switchgears

HF PD testing on power cables

UHF testing on GISs

Discharge analyzing interface

Four-channels synchronized testing

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