XD61Q Compact Tan Delta Tester

XD61Q Compact Tan Delta Tester

XD61Q is our new generation tan delta tester designed specifically for GIS stations. By applying advanced composite materials and new manufacturing process, we made XD61Q the smallest and lightest full function tan delta tester.

Key features

•  Portability:Compared with other testers with same functionality: 50% less volume, 40% less weight, and 20% thinner cables.

•  Compatibility:No need to remove the bushing end-cap sensor for tan delta testing, if the sensor is our compatible product.

•  Robust to interference:Accurate test results even under interference at 500% of the current being measured.

•  Full protection:The tester is comprehensively protected from accidents including over current, over voltage, insulation failure, capacitive voltage rise, and grounding failure.

•  Safety connectors:Fully insulated safety connectors prevent any accidental touching of high voltage.

•  Reliable:Failure rate lower than 1‰.

Key parameters

Tan delta testing

Accuracy: 1%

Range: No limit

Capacitance testing

Accuracy: 1%

Range: 3pF ~ 60nF@10kV

Testing voltage 0.5 ~ 10kV
Testing AC frequency Single/dual frequency, 45 ~ 55Hz
Size 300*270*250(mm)
Weight 17kg
Product photos

Compare with tester on the market

Comparison of HV cables

Verification report from SGCC Metrology Center

Comparison of insulated HV output terminals

Comparison of insulated safety connectors

Operation user interface

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