XD90 Integrated Modular Power System Testing Vehicle

XD90 Integrated Modular Power System Testing Vehicle

The XD90 integrated modular power system testing vehicle provides an integrated yet flexible solution of preforming a wide selection of normal and specialty tests on power equipment. Designed with the effectiveness and efficiency of power testing in mind, this platform achieves the goal of “integration of functions” instead of just a “combination of instruments”. Not only it provides an abundant means of power testing, but with optimized device placement, operational convenience, and safety factor. It is the excellent choice for scenarios where a variety of tests is required, such as emergency repairs, routine tests, diagnostic tests, and commissioning tests.


  Chassis:Our reference designs are based on chassis in three different sizes.Nissan crew cab pickup-truck chassis;IVECO 

Daily van-type chassis;ISUZU light truck chassis.

  Vehicle assembly:We work with professional truck builders that meet out strict quality standards.

  Interior layout:The interior layout is thoughtfully designed.Most connectors and operation panels are conveniently located at 

one side of the vehicle.Cover panels are pneumatically raised.Spacious and well-lit interior space improves ergonomics and 

efficiency.Operation space has large windows for observation.

  Driving safety:All vehicle designs have balanced weight distribution with low center of gravity to ensure the drivability of the 

vehicle.Cameras and sensors are placed in all directions to improve situation awareness when driving.Camera footage can be 

recorded just as dashcam.

  Equipment and racks:All measurement instruments are designed as standardized rack-mount units.Units can be installed 

and uninstalled with ease.Common resources for testing are also integrated into removable “Common Supporting Units”.

Nissan pickup-truck version

IVECO Daily van version

ISUZU light truck version

Measurement instruments compartment

Installing rack-mount unit

Comfortable operator room

Vehicle Layouts:

Layout of the Nissan pickup-truck version

Layout of the IVECO Daily van version

Layout of the ISUZU light truck version

Weight distribution layout

Key features of the Common Supporting Units:

  Power supporting unit:An integrated unit that routes, combines, and manages power from three sources: grid as main 

source, battery as auxiliary source, and vehicle generator as backup.

  Integrated communication unit:Integrates means of communications, including wired (USB, RS232/485, Ethernet) and 

wireless (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G).Connects compatible third party measurement instruments.

  Safety surveillance unit:Monitors the following sub-systems or factors: power source system, testing power supply system, 

environmental conditions, grounding conditions, warning system, and measurement system conditions.Four analog and six 

digital I/O ports are reserved for more monitoring and controlling needs.

Example layout of a common unit

Onboard Instruments:

The following instruments are available for customization.

Name Application
Onboard EST-5F HV Switchgear Tester Unit Various HV switchgear testing
Onboard XD27100 Loop Resistance Tester Unit Switchgear controlling circuit testing
Onboard XD2320 Winding Deformation Frequency Response Tester Unit Winding deformation testing for specialty transformers and regular transformers rated 6kV and above
Onboard XD2501 DC Resistance Tester Unit Transformer winding DC resistance testing
Onboard XD2810C OLTC Tester Unit Transformer OLTC testing
Onboard XD3001 HV DC Generator Unit DC power supply for HV switchgear testing
Onboard XD3100 Series Resonance System Unit AC withstand voltage test
Onboard XD6101 Tan-delta Tester Unit Tan-delta and capacitance measurement for HV equipment
Onboard XD2630 Short Circuit Resistance Tester Unit LV short circuit resistance testing for transformers, PTs and CTs
Onboard XD6230 Grounding System Tester Unit Grounding system testing
Onboard XD3800 Transformation-ratio Tester Unit Transformation-ratio testing for various types of transformers
Onboard XD71 Power Transformer Automated Testing System Unit All transformer testing subjects
Onboard XD50 Partial Discharge Tester Unit Partial discharge detection with AE, HF, UHF, and TEV methods
Onboard XD3910 I-V Characteristics Tester Unit I-V characteristics testing for PT/CT
Key features of the controlling software:

•  Communication management:Performing multiple tests simultaneously.Automatically captures device operational 

data.Compatible with third party software.

•  Data saving:Save and query data in real-time.Wide variety of data formats available.Remote analysis and diagnosis.

•  System self-check ability.

Controlling software UI

Key features of the Auxiliary Functional Units:

•  Cable Storage:Powered cable reels with manual backup.

•  Video surveillance & voice communication system:Remote controlled video surveillance mast with flood lights.Voice 

communication between operators inside and outside the vehicle.Loudspeakers for making announcements and warnings.

•  Exterior display & warning light:Bright LED display on the operation side of the vehicle.Flashing warning lights on the roof.

•  AC system:Powerful AC system for operators’ comfort.

•  GPS navigation.

Video surveillance mast.

Night-time operation

Field testing of power transformer

Pre-built Models:

Model Name Features Applications
XD94ZD Combined power testing vehicle Test for insulation, operation characteristics, and oil & gas Routine test
XD94HV HV testing vehicle Test for insulation and operation characteristics Routine test
XD94ZJ Compact combined power testing vehicle Higher mobility, more convenient Routine test for compact stations
XD94GD Railroad power system testing vehicle Wireless sensors Tests for conventional and high-speed railroad systems
XD94DD Online testing vehicle Wireless sensors Routine test
XD94YQ Oil & gas testing vehicle Modularization Routine test
XD92JL HV measurement & calibration vehicle Powered deployment and retracting Measurement & calibration operations
XD93DL Cable testing vehicle Wireless sensors, modularization Routine tests
XD94QT Commissioning testing vehicle Wireless, multi-terminal distributed system Commissioning test
XD94PD Partial discharge testing vehicle Modularization, powered deployment and retracting Routine tests
*Fully customizable based on these models, or from ground-up

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