Verification System for On-line UHF PD Detectors

Verification System for On-line UHF PD Detectors

This system assesses and verifies the functionality and performance of on-line UHF partial discharge (PD) detectors by injecting picosecond pulses or simulated UHF partial discharge signals into the power equipment.

Key Features:

•  Comprehensive assessment:Comprehensively assess and verify the functionality and performance of on-line UHF PD 

detectors, including sensitivity, linearity, stability, sampling continuity, interference resistance, pulse counting, pattern 

recognition & diagnosis, and more.

•  Remote control:Can be controlled both at scene and remotely from a control room.

•  Professional RF antennas:Various professional antenna options for different applications; Also has built-in backup antenna.

•  Picosecond pulse generator:Generates picosecond pulses and simulated PD signals with adjustable amplitude, frequency, 

and interval.

•  Discharge pattern simulation:Simulates typical discharge patterns including tip discharge, particle discharge, floating 

discharge, air-gap discharge, and creeping discharge.

•  Pulse counting verification:Generates pulses with fixed or random intervals to verify the continuity of sampling and the pulse 

count functionality.

•  Synchronization:Wired or wireless phase synchronization with the power frequency.

•  Automated testing:Highly automated all-in-one software performs all testing items and generates test reports with one click.

•  Data storage:Can store the records of all assessed instruments for diagnosis and analysis.

Technical Specifications:

•  Pulse output:                                       Single pulses, simulated discharge patterns;

•  Pulse shape:                                       Rising edge 300ps, amplitude: 0 ~ 200V;

•  Single pulse interval:                           Fixed, random;

•  Simulated discharge patterns:            Tip, particle, floating, air-gap, and creeping;

•  Synchronization input:                        Wired, wireless, 30 ~ 200Hz, 10 ~ 220V;

•  Synchronization output:                      Sinewave, 30 ~ 200Hz, 24V;

•  RF antenna:                                       13mm;

•  Connectivity:                                       3G/4G cellular, Ethernet;

•  Battery pack:                                       24V/5Ah Li-ion battery, continuous working time ≥ 8hrs;

•  Size:                                                    254x201x53mm;

•  Weight:                                               2.2kg.


Picosecond pulse generator

RF antennas

Remote control

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