Assessment and Verification System for UHF PD Detectors

Assessment and Verification System for UHF PD Detectors

This system assesses and verifies the functionality and performance of UHF PD detectors using picosecond pulse generator with a GTEM cell.

Key Features:

•  Comprehensive assessment:Comprehensively assess and verify the functionality and performance of UHF PD detectors, 

including sensitivity, SWR, dynamic range, linearity, stability, sampling,continuity, interference resistance, pulse counting, 

pattern recognition & diagnosis, and more.

•  Picosecond pulse generator:Generates picosecond pulses and simulated UHF PD signals with adjustable amplitude, 

frequency, and interval.

•  Professional GTEM cell:Third-party certified GTEM cell with background noise lower than -75dBμV.

•  Discharge pattern simulation:Simulates typical discharge patterns including tip discharge, particle discharge, floating 

discharge, air-gap discharge, and creeping discharge.

•  Pulse counting verification:Generates pulses with fixed or random intervals to verify the continuity of sampling and the 

accuracy of the pulse count functionality.

•  Automated testing:Highly automated all-in-one software performs all testing items and generates test reports with one click.

•  Data storage:Can store the records of all assessed instruments for diagnosis and analysis.

Technical Specifications:

•  Pulse output:                                          Single pulses, simulated discharge patterns;

•  Pulse shape:                                          Rising edge 300ps, amplitude 0 ~ 200V;

•  Pulse interval:                                        Fixed, random;

•  Simulated discharge patterns:               Tip, particle, floating, air-gap, and creeping;

•  Synchronization output:                         Sinewave, 30 ~ 200Hz, 24V;

•  GTEM cell:                                             Frequency band 0 ~ 2GHz, input impedance 50±1Ω;

•  Monopole reference antenna:                Radius 0.65mm, height (length) 25mm;

•  Oscilloscope:                                          Bandwidth2.5GHz, sampling rate10Gs/s.


GTEM cell

Picosecond pulse generator

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