PD Signal Generator

PD Signal Generator

Generates simulated Partial Discharge (PD) signals for the assessment and verification of PD detection systems.

Complying Standards:

•  GB/T 7354-2003 Partial discharge measurements.

•  GB/T 9317-2012 General specification for pulse signal generator.

•  *GB/T stands for “National Recommended Standard of the People’s Republic of China”.

Key Features:

•  Multi-function:Can simulate PD signals in the form of UHF, HF, AE, and TEV.

•  Professional-grade pulse generator:Generates pulses and simulated signals with adjustable amplitude, frequency, and 

interval.Generated pulses have stable rising edges and amplitudes.

•  Pulse counting verification:Generates pulses with fixed or random intervals to verify the continuity of sampling and the 

accuracy of the pulse count functionality.

•  Discharge pattern simulation:Simulates typical discharge patterns including tip discharge, particle discharge, floating 

discharge, air-gap discharge, and creeping discharge.

•  Phase synchronization:Wired or wireless phase synchronization.

•  Convenient:The hand-held device is compact, lightweight, and can be used with lanyard or tripod.

•  Designed for field use:The touch screen display on the unit is readable even under direct sunlight, suitable for field use.

Technical Specifications:

•  Simulated UHF signals:                                          Rising edge: 300ps, amplitude: 0 ~ 200V;

•  Simulated AE signals:                                             Rising edge: 150ns, amplitude: 0 ~ 20V;

•  Simulated HF signals:                                             Rising edge: 5ns, amplitude: 0 ~ 60V;

•  Simulated TEV signals:                                           Rising edge: 300ns, amplitude: 0 ~ 60V;

•  Phase synchronization:                                           30 ~ 300Hz, 10 ~ 220V;

•  Connectivity:                                                            3G/4G cellular, Ethernet.

Product Models:

Model Name Typical application
XD52J AE pulse generator Assessment of AE PD detectors
XD53J UHF pulse generator Assessment of UHF PD detectors
XD55J TEV pulse generator Assessment of TEV PD detectors
XD56J HF pulse generator Assessment of HF PD detectors


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