Power Cable PD Simulation System

Power Cable PD Simulation System

Simulates Partial Discharge (PD) with various types and strengths on power cables. Ideal choice for PD detection related research, instruments calibration, and training.

Key Features:

•  Accurate simulation:Accurately simulates PD activities on different parts of the power cable system: lugs, terminations, joints, and cable insulation.

•  Comprehensive discharge simulation:Discharge type options including tip discharge, floating discharge, and air-gap discharge.Each discharge type can be simulated individually or combined.Discharge types, and discharge characteristics, such as inception voltage, extinction voltage, and intensity of discharge, can be controlled from the exterior of the device.

•  Comprehensive testing options:Supports all common PD testing options for power cables: pulse current, DAC, and HF.

•  Stable simulation:Discharge simulation cartridges generate stable discharge patterns, and have long use time.

•  Safety first:High voltage is completely separated from the simulation controls by design to ensure the safety of personnel and


•  Convenient:The system is compact and lightweight.

Technical Specifications:

Power Cable PD Simulation System Voltage rating 10~500KV
Phases Single/three phase
Background PD ≤1pC
Simulation adjustment Manual/motorized
Simulated tip discharge 10~2000pC
Simulated floating discharge 100~20000pC
Simulated air-gap discharge 20~2000pC
PD detectors Oscillating wave/DAC PD detector

Frequency band:30~500Hz


Pulse current PD detector

Frequency band:10~1000kHz


HF PD detector

Frequency band:3~100MHz


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