Transformer and Bushing PD Simulation System

Transformer and Bushing PD Simulation System

Simulates Partial Discharge (PD) of various types and strengths on power transformers and installed bushings. Ideal choice for PD detection related research, instruments calibration, and training.

Complying Standards:

  *GB/T 1094-2013 Power transformers.

  GB/T 4109-1999 Technical specification of high voltage bushing.

  **GB 2536-90 Transformer oils.

  GB/T 7354-2018 High-voltage test techniques – Partial discharge measurements.

  GB/T 16927-2011 High-voltage test techniques.

  ***DL/T 596-2021 Preventive test code for electric power equipment.

  ****Q/GDW 11304-2015 Technical specification for energized test device of electrical equipment.

  *GB/T stands for “National recommended standards of China”.

  **GB stands for “National standards of China”.

  ***DL/T stands for “Recommended standards of electric power industry of China”.

  ****Q/GDW stands for “Corporation standards of State Grid Corporation of China”.

Key Features:

  Proprietary design:Patented design leads to industry-leading performance.
  Comprehensive discharge simulation:Simulates common discharge types including floating discharge and air-gap discharge in the transformer, and the discharge in the condenser core of the bushing.Each discharge type can be simulated individually or combined.Discharge types, and discharge characteristics, such as inception voltage, extinction voltage, and intensity of discharge, can be controlled from the exterior of the device.
  Stable simulation:Discharge simulation cartridges generate stable discharge patterns, and have long use life.
  Safety first:High voltage is completely separated from the simulation controls by design to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.
  Comprehensive testing options:The system supports common PD testing methods: pulse current, HF, and UHF; It also supports oil & gas testing such as oil temperature, oil pressure, and dissolved hydrogen gas.

Technical Specifications:

Transformer Voltage rating 110kV
Phases Single/Three phase
Background PD 2pC
Bushing Voltage rating 110kV
Insulation type Oil-filled
Background PD 2pC
Discharge simulation Simulation control Manual/motorized
Simulated tip discharge 10 ~ 2000pC
Simulated floating discharge 100 ~ 20000pC
Simulated air-gap discharge 20 ~ 2000pC
Simulated creeping discharge 20 ~ 2000pC
Simulated particle discharge 10 ~ 1000pC
PD detection Pulse current PD detection

Frequency band: 10 ~ 1000kHZ

Sensitivity: 0.1pC

AE PD detection

Frequency band: 20 ~ 200kHZ

Sensitivity: 10pC

UHF PD detection

Frequency band: 300MHz ~ 3GHz

Sensitivity: 1pC

HF PD detection

Frequency band: 3 ~ 30MHz

Sensitivity: 5pC

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