GIS PD Simulation System

GIS PD Simulation System

Function-rich Partial Discharge (PD) simulation system that: (1) Simulates PD that may occur inside GISs with various types and strengths; (2) Simulates means of PD detection. Ideal choice for PD detection related research, instruments calibration, and training.

Complying Standards:

  DL/T* 617-2010 Specification for Gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear.

  DL/T 1250-2013 Application guidelines for charged gas-insulated metal-enclosure switchgear device partial discharge detection with ultrasonic method.

  DL/T 555-2004 Guide for withstand voltage and insulated test of gas-insulated metal-enclosure switchgear on site.

  *DL/T stands for “Recommended standards of electric power industry of China”.

Key Features:

  Accurate simulation:The design is based on actual GISs, which makes simulated PD as close as real PD.
  Highly integrated:Built-in step-up transformer and coupling capacitor.
  Comprehensive discharge simulation:Discharge type options including tip discharge, floating discharge, air-gap discharge, particle discharge, and creeping discharge.Each type of discharge can be simulated individually or combined.Discharge types, and discharge characteristics, such as inception voltage, extinction voltage, and intensity of discharge, can be controlled from the exterior of the device.
  Comprehensive testing options:Supports all common PD testing options for GISs: pulse current, UHF, AE, HF, and SF6 gas analyzation.
  Measurable testing:Preform pulse current PD test with built-in coupling and calibration instruments as reference measurement.
  Stable simulation:Discharge simulation cartridges generate stable discharge patterns, and have long use life.
  Basin insulator variety:Simulates various types of basin insulators: naked, metal flange insulated with pouring port, and fully insulated.
  Viewable internal:Built-in internal IR camera for the monitoring of conditions and discharges.
  Reference UHF sensor:Built-in reference UHF sensor for comparing the measurements from other instruments.

Technical Specifications:

  Voltage rating:                                                            110 ~ 500kV;

  Background PD:                                                         1pC;

  Simulation adjustment:                                               Manual and motorized;

  Coupling capacitance:                                                50pF;

  Simulated discharge intensity:                                   Tip: 5 ~ 800pC;Particle: 0.1 ~ 10pC;Floating: 100 ~ 20000pC; 

                                                                                      Air-gap: 10 ~ 1000pC; Creeping: 10 ~ 1000pC.



Calibration pulse injection rod

Various discharge simulation cartridges

Built-in UHF sensor

Metal flange pouring port

Compact GIS PD Simulation System

Internal IR video feed

Simulated particle discharge

Discharge adjusting rods

Simulation and training

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