XD53 Ultra High Frequency PD Detector

XD53 Ultra High Frequency PD Detector

Detecting partial discharge (PD) activities through sensing ultra high frequency (UHF) signals emitted from PD activities. Typical applications are for GISs, transformers, and switchgears.

Complying Standards:

  IEC 62478/TS/Ed1 High voltage test techniques-Measurement of partial discharges by electromagnetic and acoustic methods.

  Q/GDW* 11059.8-2013 technical specification for energized test device of electrical equipment Part8: technical specifications for ultra-high frequency partial discharge detector.

  Q/GDW 11059.2-2013 field application guide for partial discharge on-site testing technology of Gas Insulated Switchgear Part 2: Ultra high frequency.

  *Q/GDW stands for “Corporation standard of State Grid Corporation of China”.


  Industry-leading sensitivity:Sensitivity equal or better than 0.1pC.
  Specialty sensors:Sensors are specially designed for UHF signals emitted from PD activities.Sensors have high equivalent antenna height, high signal gain, and targeted frequency bands.
  Robust to interferences:Complete suite of interference reducing technologies: Spectrum analysis, frequency-selective filtering, interference separation, and comprehensive shielding.Radio interferences and carrier-wave interferences are effectively removed.

  Diagnosis and analysis:Full range of analysis assisting graphical interfaces: PR, PRPD, PRPS, Correlation, and

Selecting/masking windowing.Built-in interference and discharge patterns for automated signal classification.

  Accurate localization:Supports highly accurate electric and electric-acoustic localization.
  Synchronization:Wired or wireless synchronization of timing and phase.
  Sensor variety:Sensors are made with different types of antennas: log-periodic antenna, spiral antenna, and patch antenna, for detecting different types of PD UHF signals.Sensors can take various sizes to fit basin insulators and metal flange pouring ports of different sizes.
  Easy operation: The lightweight and compact hand-held device can also be used with lanyard or tripod.
  Long battery life:Each removable lithium battery pack provides more than 8 hours of continuous working time.
  Designed for field use:The touch screen display on the unit is readable even under direct sunlight, suitable for field use.

Technical Specifications:

  Sensitivity:                                                                  0.1pC;

  Measuring frequency band:                                        300 ~ 1500MHz;

  Sampling resolution:                                                   16Bit;

  Sampling rate:                                                             250MS/s;

  Dynamic range:                                                           60dB;

  Synchronization:                                                          Mode: wired or wireless; Frequency: 30 ~ 300Hz; Voltage: AC30 ~380; 

                                                                                        Accuracy: 0.01°; Wireless range: 75m (82yd);

  Measuring stability:                                                     ±5%;

  Average effective height:                                            11mm;

  Battery:                                                                        Lithium battery 24V/5Ah;

  Dimension:                                                                  236*177*53mm (9.3*7.0*2.0in);

  Weight:                                                                        1.5kg (3.3lb).

Product Models:

Model Name Channels Typical usage
XD53** UHF PD detector 1 ~ 4 GIS, GSU transformer, switchgears
XD5352 UHF and acoustic combined PD detector 2 ~ 4 GIS, GSU transformer, switchgears
XD50** UHF PD surveyor 2 ~ 4 Survey for PD


Wireless synchronization



Noise sensor

Certification report

GIS installation with

 metal shielding band

Comparing old model with new model with sunlight-readable screen

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