XD51 Pulse Current PD Detector

XD51 Pulse Current PD Detector

Detecting the pulse current generated by partial discharge (PD) activities and measuring the apparent charge. Ideal for transformers, PT/CTs, and bushings.

Complying Standards:

  GB/T* 7354-2003 Partial discharge measurements (IEC60270:2000 IDT).

  DL/T** 846.4-2004 General technical specifications for high voltage equipment, part 4: partial discharge detector.

  DL/T 417-2006 Guide for partial discharge measuring of power equipment.

  *GB/T stands for “National recommended standards of China”.

  **DL/T stands for “Recommended standards of electric power industry of China”.


  Class-leading sensitivity:Sensitivity equal to or better than 0.1pC.

  Robust to interference:Complete suite of interference reducing technologies: Frequency-spectrum analysis, frequency-selective filtering, interference separation, and comprehensive shielding. Various choices of analog narrow-band/wide-band filtering within the testing frequency band.By combining spectrum analysis and frequency-selective filtering, interference of fixed/mixed frequencies can be reduced by 90%/60% or more, respectively.

  Handy tools to suppress interference and amplify signals on time domain: Selecting windowing, Masking windowing, and threshold gauging.

  Ultra-low-noise circuits:Combining proprietary circuit design and noise reduction technologies to achieve a circuit background noise level of lower than 0.05pC.
  Real-time multichannel testing:Supports multichannel synchronized testing; Up to 12 channels can be used together.
  Phase synchronization:Automatically synchronize the sampled data with the phase information from the testing power supply.Supports phase discrimination and phase indication.
  Diagnosis and analysis:Full range of analysis assisting graphical interfaces: elliptical, rectilinear, PRPD, PRPS, and frequency spectrum graph.Relevant parameters, such as quantity of apparent charge, phase, discharge count, and discharge inception/extinction voltage, can be extracted to aid the analysis.Built-in interference and discharge patterns for automated signal classification.
  Results playback:Any data or graphs, and related parameters can be saved then later be replayed for analyzing or training purpose.
  Advanced input impedance:The system comes with a set of testing input impedance units (12 levels) to fit most use cases, where the high-current units (level 7 and above) have 10 times higher sensitivity than the common MODEL 5 system.
  Pulse calibration:The system comes with calibrators capable of generating calibration pulses ranged from 2 to 50,000pC, to support test subjects with different level of capacitance.An innovatively designed rod calibrator can help injecting pulses to high positions such as main transformer bushings.
  Designed for field use:The testing unit is compact in size and lightweight, with a display that is readable even under direct sunlight.
Technical Specifications:

  Sensitivity:                                                     0.1pC;

  Linearity:                                                        ±3%;

  Sampling rate:                                               65MS/s;

  Linearity across amp. levels:                         ±3%;

  Sampling resolution:                                      12Bit;

  Pulse resolution time:                                     1μs;

  Measuring frequency band:                            Lower limit: 10 ~ 80kHz; Upper limit: 100 ~ 1000kHz;

  Measuring impedance:                                   6pF ~ 250μF;

  Gain:                                                               -20 ~ 40dB;

  Calibrator:                                                       Range: 2 ~ 50000pC; Rising edge: < 60ns; Falling edge: > 100μs;

  Synchronization:                                             Mode: wired or wireless; Frequency: 30 ~ 300Hz; Voltage:AC10 ~ 220V;     

                                                                           Accuracy: 0.01°; Wireless range: 75m(82yd).

Product Models:

Table SEQ Table \* ARABIC 1 XD51 Pulse Current PD Detector Model Table






PD Detector

2 ~ 12

All-in-one unit


PD Detector

2 ~ 12

Split units


PD Detector

6 ~ 12

With ultrasonic localization


DC PD Detector

2 ~ 6

For DC partial discharge


PD Detector

2 ~ 12

Enhanced for field use

Table SEQ Table \* ARABIC 2 XD51 Series Calibrator Model Table



Range (upper limit)



Calibrator type 1


Normal test subjects


Calibrator type 2


Test subjects with large capacitance


High-current detection of the impedance

High power calibrator

Pulse check rod

Using rod calibrator to inject pulses

Transformer PD testing

New model’s display is much more readable under sunlight

Multichannel testing

Effective frequency domain filtering

Certification report

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