XD57 Oscillating Wave PD Detection & Localization System for Power Cables

XD57 Oscillating Wave PD Detection & Localization System for Power Cables

The Oscillating Wave Test (OWT), also known as the Damped Alternative Current (DAC) test, is a powerful way to detect and localize partial discharge (PD) activities in MV and LV power cables. Our XD57 system is designed to preform OWT conveniently and intelligently with a portable package.


•  Patented design:Patented proprietary design, equal or better performance compared with top brand systems.
•  Good equivalency:Oscillating wave effectively triggers PD activities, which achieves same effectiveness as conventional PD testing with voltage on the operational frequency.
  Damage free:The oscillating wave is applied for very short time thus the cable will not be damaged.
•  Works under interferences:With advanced waveform discrimination capability, our system works in even the most complicated testing environment with strong interferences.

•  Safety first:Comprehensive isolation and insulation designs, combined with full-process active safety protection, ensures the safety of personnel and equipment.

  Compact and portable:Light weight and compact design make carrying and testing easier.

System Components:

Product Models:


Voltage rating


For cables rated 10kV and lower


For cables rated 35kV and lower

Technical Specifications:

Power supply

Charging method

DC excitation

PD measuring


1pC ~ 20nC

Charging current




Output voltage

XD5710: DC 0 ~ 28kV

Sampling rate

125MS/s, 250MS/s

XD5735: DC 0 ~ 60kV

Sampling resolution


Testing parameters

Oscillating frequency

30 ~ 500Hz

Fault localization

Localization frequency band

150kHz ~ 30MHz

Test subject capacity

0.05 ~ 2uF

Localization error

1% of full-length


PD-free quick connector

PD-free connector accessories

Safety box

Certified by national qualification center

Certification report

Test demonstration

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