XD50WF Mobile PD Detection & Localization System for Power Systems

XD50WF Mobile PD Detection & Localization System for Power Systems

Designed for various power systems that are suspected of having partial discharges (PD), this all-purpose, high mobility PD detection & localization system can be hand-held for routine on-line surveying and off-line testing, or to be easily installed for on-line monitoring.

Complying Standards:

•  DL/T* 1430-2015 Technical guide for on-line monitoring system of transformation equipment.

•  DL/T 1432.1-2015 Testing specification for on-line monitoring device of transformation equipment – Part 1: General testing specification.

•  DL/T 860-2004 Communication networks and systems for substations.

•  Q/GDW* 535-2010 General technical specifications for on-line monitoring devices of transformation equipment.

•  Q/GDW 534-2010 Technical guide for on-line monitoring systems of transformation equipment.

•  *DL/T stands for “Recommended standards of electric power industry of China”.

•  *Q/GDW stands for“Corporation standard of State Grid Corporation of China”.

Key Features:

•  All purpose:Can be used for off-line testing, on-line surveying, and on-line monitoring.
•  Highly Mobile:Compact and lightweight for hand-held usage.Can be installed and removed without modifying structural or electrical characteristics of the power installations.
•  Highly Accurate:Testing approaches including UHF, AE, HF, and TEV are combined and cross validated with each other to achieve a high accuracy.
•  Go Wireless:With wireless synchronization, multiple detectors can be used together, even at different locations.Adding or removing detectors as needed.
•  Continuous Monitoring:Continuously monitoring the PD activities in the on-line mode.
•  Intelligent diagnosis:Discharge types and threat levels can be automatically identified, with reference to historical data.
•  Robust to interference:Complete suite of interference reducing technologies: Spectrum analysis, frequency-selective filtering, interference separation, and comprehensive shielding.
•  Accurate localization:Supports highly accurate electric, acoustic, and electric-acoustic localization of PD.
•  Failure alarm:Can set the failure alarms to be sent to terminals and smartphone APPs based on customized thresholds.
•  Ingress protection:All devices are IP65 rated.
•  Easy Maintenance:Modular design allows modules to be simply replaced when necessary.

Technical Specifications:

•  Sensitivity:                                               0.1pC;

•  Measuring frequency band:                     UHF: 300 ~ 1500MHz, AE: 20 ~ 200kHz, HF: 3~30MHz, TEV: 3~100MHz;

•  Data storage:                                           Log interval: 1~30min; Number of entries: 1 ~ 100; Storage time: 1 year;

•  Phase synchronization:                           Frequency: 30 ~ 300Hz; Voltage: AC10 ~ 380; Accuracy: 0.01°;

•  Timing synchronization error:                  50ns;

•  Ingress protection                                    IP65;

•  Connectivity:                                            3G/4G cellular network, Fiber optics; Complies with DL/T 860 (IEC61850);

•  Power supply:                                          Lithium-ion battery for short-term use and as backup, grid power for long-term installation.

Product Models:

Model Name Units Channels Comment
XD50WF Mobile PD Detection & Localization System for Power Systems 2 2 2 2 2 Units can be added as needed.


Mobile testing for arresters 

Mobile testing for GIS

Monitoring Unit 

Mobile testing for transformers 

Wireless Control Platform 

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