XD50WT PD Detection & Localization System for Power Transformers

XD50WT PD Detection & Localization System for Power Transformers

Designed specifically for partial discharge (PD) detection on power transformers, this system integrates Pulse-current, acoustic (AE), HF, and UHF techniques to preform synchronized PD detection and measurements.

Complying Standards:

   GB/T* 7354-2018 Partial discharge measurements (IEC60270:2000+AMD1:2015).

   Q/GDW** 11063-2013 Technical specification for ultrasonic partial discharge detector.

   Q/GDW 11304.5-2015 Technical specification for energized test device of electrical equipment Part5: Technical specification for high-frequency partial discharge detector.

   *GB/T stands for “National Recommended Standards of China”.

   **Q/GDW stands for “Corporation standard of State Grid Corporation of China”.

Key Features:

   Highly accurate:Accurately captures valid PD signals and cross validate with multiple means of detection.
   Industry-leading sensitivity:Sensitivity equal to or better than 0.1pC.
   Pinpoint localization:Detects PD location with 3D localization technology.
   Robust to interference:Complete suite of interference reducing technologies: Frequency-spectrum analysis, frequency-selective filtering, interference separation, and comprehensive shielding.
   Electrically robust:No freezing or data lost after flashover accident.
   Continuous monitoring:Monitoring PD signals 24/7.
   Diagnosis and analysis:Full range of analysis assisting graphical interfaces: PR, PRPD, PRPS, Correlation, and Selecting/masking windowing.Built-in interference and discharge patterns for automated signal classification.
   Synchronization:Wired or wireless synchronization of timing and phase.
   Flexible unit placement: Sensors and detector units can be placed at convenient locations on transformers.

   Sensor compatibility:Also supports transformers’ built-in sensors and third-party devices.

   Easy Install:Detector units and sensors can be easily installed on-site with magnets, straps, or brackets.

   Power supply compatibility:Compatible with a wide range of HV-testing power supplies.

Technical Specifications:

   Sensitivity:                              0.1pC;

   Measuring frequency band:    UHF: 300 ~ 1500MHz, AE: 10 ~ 300kHz, HF: 1~30MHz, Pulse-current: 10~100kHz;

   Localization error:                   10cm;

   Timing synchronization error: 10ns;

   Phase synchronization:           Mode: wired or wireless; Frequency: 30 ~ 300Hz; Voltage: AC 10 ~ 380; Accuracy: 0.01°;

   Connectivity:                            Wi-Fi, Fiber optics, Ethernet;

   Power supply:                          Removable lithium-ion battery, 24V/5Ah. Continuous working time > 8hrs.

Product Models:

Model Name Units Channels Comment


PD Detection & Localization

System for Power Transformers

4 AE UHF TEV HF Units can be added as needed.

8 4 / 4


Detector unit

Electric-acoustic PD Localization

HF testing of transformers

UHF testing of transformers

Pulse current testing

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