XD50WG PD Detection & Localization System for GIS

XD50WG PD Detection & Localization System for GIS

Designed specifically for partial discharge (PD) detection and localization on Gas-Insulated metal-enclosure Switchgears (GIS), this system combines UHF and acoustic (AE) PD detection methods to assess the PD status of target GIS installation and to pinpoint the location of discharges through synchronized measurements.

Complying Standards:

•  DL/T* 1250-2013 Application guidelines for charged gas-insulated metal-enclosure switchgear device partial discharge detection with ultrasonic method.

•  DL/T 555 Guide for withstand voltage and insulated test for gas-insulated metal-enclosure switchgear on site.

•  Q/GDW** 11059.2-2013 Field application guide for partial discharge on-site testing technology of Gas Insulated Switchgear Part 2: Ultra high frequency.

•  *DL/T stands for “Recommended standards of electric power industry of China”.

•   **Q/GDW stands for “Corporation standard of State Grid Corporation of China”.


•  Detecting unit Automated testing:Fully automated testing process captures discharge characteristics and locations of key-events from partial discharges to insulation breakdowns.

•  AE-UHF joint detection:Synchronized UHF and AE PD detection brings revolutionary performance improvement in the orders of magnitude compared with AE method alone.

•  Industry-leading sensitivity:Sensitivity equal to or better than 0.1pC.

•  Robust to interference:Complete suite of interference reducing technologies: Spectrum analysis, frequency-selective filtering, interference separation, and comprehensive shielding.

•  Electrically robust:No freezing or data lost after flashover accident.

•  Diagnosis and analysis:Full range of analysis assisting graphical interfaces: PR, PRPD, PRPS, Correlation, and Selecting/masking windowing.Built-in interference and discharge patterns for automated signal classification.

•  Accurate localization:Supports highly accurate electric, acoustic, and electric-acoustic localization.Localization accuracy10cm; Error rate 5%.

•  Synchronization:Wired or wireless synchronization of timing and phase.

•  Go wireless:Multiple detector units working together with wireless communication and synchronization.Adding or removing detector units as needed.

•  Safety first:Personnel and equipment are separated from high voltage.

•  High reliability:System is fully functional with any of the following mean of communications: Wi-Fi, Cellular, or fiber optics.Power supply through grid power, internal battery, and expandable battery packs.

•  Power supply compatibility:Compatible with a wide range of HV-testing power supplies.

Technical Specifications:

•  Sensitivity:                                    1pC;

•  Measuring frequency band:          UHF (300 ~ 1500MHz), AE (20 ~ 200kHz);

•  Localization error:                         10cm;

•  Phase synchronization:                 Mode: wired or wireless; Frequency: 30 ~ 300Hz; 

                                                          Voltage:AC 10 ~ 380V; Accuracy: 0.01°;

•  Timing synchronization error:        50ns;

•  Conne  ctivity:                                3G/4G cellular network, Wi-Fi, Fiber optics;

•  Battery:                                          Removable lithium-ion battery, 24V/5Ah. 

                                                          Continuous working time > 8hrs.

Product Configuration:

Model Name Units Channels Comment

GIS PD Detection &

Localization System

2 AE UHF TEV HF Units can be added as needed.
4 4 / /



Detecting unit

Phase synchronization unit

Timing synchronization unit

Installation with strips

Installation with magnets

PD detection UI

PD Localization UI

Diagnosis & Analysis UI


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