XD3205U multi-frequency withstand voltage detector

XD3205U multi-frequency withstand voltage detector

This device is a lightweight, anti-interference and intelligent multi-frequency induction withstand voltage field test equipment.

Product character

  • It meets the requirements of national standards GBT16927-2013 "High Voltage Test Technology", DL / T 848.1 ~ DL / T 848.5-2004 "General Technical Conditions of High Voltage Test Equipment".
  • Using a large screen LCD display, the font is clear and beautiful, and clearly visible under the sun, especially suitable for field test sites.
  • The software is designed with artificial intelligence, with friendly interface, sufficient prompts and simple operation.
  • Using SPWM controlled high-power variable frequency power supply technology, the output frequency is 40 ~ 200Hz, the output waveform distortion is small, and the anti-interference ability is strong.
  • Adopt a variety of overcurrent, overvoltage and other safety protection measures to ensure the safety of personnel and test equipment.

Technical Parameters

Built-in variable frequency power supply

  • Output voltage: 0 ~ 400V;
  • Output frequency: 40 ~ 200 Hz;
  • Output power: 5kVA;
  • Buck-boost mode: continuous smooth adjustment.

Test voltage indication error

  • Capacitor voltage divider input voltage error is less than ± 1% (≥3kV).

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