XD3308 pure inverter AC test power supply

XD3308 pure inverter AC test power supply

It is suitable for partial discharge test and power generation and control in AC test projects such as AC withstand voltage, inductive withstand voltage, high voltage dielectric loss, ground network resistance, and short-circuit impedance. This machine can realize the comprehensive functions of no partial discharge power generator, voltage regulator, filter, multiple frequency generator, series harmonic host and test console.

product features

  • Using push-pull modulation technology, it can output high-power, variable-frequency, sinusoidal AC power with purity, no harmonics, no partial discharge, and low distortion.
  • Compared with the traditional test power supply, it is equivalent to comprehensively integrating high-performance filters, test consoles, voltage regulators, series harmonic hosts, arbitrary frequency power generators and other devices or components.
  • NC step-up, step-down and resonant frequency sweep, with complete series harmonic host function.
  • Compatible with various voltage dividers and sensors, can monitor and record the voltage, current and phase (power factor) of the test process.
  • High-reliability design, single module has an average trouble-free operation of> 1000 hours.

Technical Parameters

  • Output power: 3 ~ 400KVA, can increase capacity in parallel;
  • Output frequency: 30 ~ 300Hz;
  • Output voltage: AC 0 ~ 360V;
  • Output quality: distortion degree <1%, no traces of harmonics and partial discharge;
  • Input power: AC 380V.
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