XD61 series high voltage dielectric loss tester

XD61 series high voltage dielectric loss tester

Suitable for testing dielectric loss, capacitance and dielectric loss voltage curves at rated high voltage.

Product features

  • According to the setting, the Um/3 liter and buck trajectory are automatically controlled (0~1).
  • The dielectric loss value of each voltage track point is automatically measured, and the dielectric loss voltage curve is automatically drawn.
  • Based on variable frequency power supply and FFT frequency selective measurement technology, it has strong anti-interference ability and can still be accurately measured under 500% interference intensity.
  • Monitor and record the whole process of voltage, current and phase (power factor) on the low voltage side and high voltage side.
  • The detection unit and the host use optical fiber communication to ensure personnel safety.
  • Comprehensive protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, breakdown, and grounding.

Technical parameter

  • Output power: 10 ~ 50KVA (except third-party power supply);
  • Test voltage: 0 ~ 350KV (determined by the boost component and the standard);
  • Pressure step: (1 ~ 10%) Um / 3;
  • Voltage measurement: accuracy 1%;
  • Test current: 10μA ~ 10A;
  • Dielectric loss measurement: accuracy ± (1% + 0.00040);
  • Capacitance measurement: accuracy ± (1% + 1pF);
  • Measuring range: 3pF ~ 10μF;
  • Test frequency: 45 ~ 55Hz, the minimum step distance is 0.1Hz;
  • Frequency selection bandwidth: 0.5, 0.25, 0.1 Hz is optional.

Product number

number name feature
XD6131 High voltage dielectric loss tester
Based on PMW series harmonic power supply boost
XD6132 High voltage dielectric loss tester
Based on SPMW and trial pressure boost

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