XD61pc power cable dielectric loss tester

XD61pc power cable dielectric loss tester

Suitable for measurement of absolute dielectric loss or relative dielectric loss of power cables in the range of 2kV to 500kV

Product features

  • Good integration 

               Both the positive and negative measuring devices and the standard capacitors are integrated in the monitoring unit. The monitoring unit only leaves the measurement and communication ports, and the field wiring is simple.

  • Strong anti-interference ability

                Built-in high-speed computing platform and Fourier (FFT) algorithm program with narrowband frequency selective measurement capability;                

                 It can ideally eliminate the influence of each harmonic and waveform distortion on the measurement, and can still guarantee 1% measurement accuracy under 500% strong interference.

  • Relative dielectric loss measurement

               During or after the measurement, you can arbitrarily specify a test sample or input a known amount as a reference. The system analysis software will analyze the data according to the specified benchmark to obtain the desired result.

  • Multi-channel

               The test host has multiple detection channels, which can support multiple test samples at the same time.

  • Curve depiction

               Automatically plot the relationship between tgδ-V and tgδ-F, which can effectively reflect the insulation defects such as aging and moisture.

  • Integrated control

              The device integrates the digital control of the variable frequency power supply control and the dielectric loss measurement component, and the whole test process such as voltage application and dielectric loss measurement is automated and intelligent. The test time can be shortened to less than one-fourth of the traditional combination mode, and the test work efficiency can be large. For improvement.

  • Automatic conversion     
               The value of the dielectric loss measured at the inter-frequency is automatically converted to the dielectric loss value at 50 Hz.
  • Large measuring current        
               The detection unit has a built-in zero-flux high-current transformer that can measure the high-side current of 50A.
  • Broadband measurement           
               Accurately measure the capacitance loss value in the range of 30~300Hz.
  • Protection             

               It has complete protection measures such as overcurrent, overvoltage, breakdown, capacitance rise and grounding.

Technical parameter

  • Tgδ measurement: accuracy ± (1% + 0.0004), the range is not limited, resolution: 0.001%;
  • Capacitance measurement: Accuracy ± (1% +1pF), measurement range 3pF ~ 160μF ;
  • Test voltage:The range is 0 ~ 320KV (500 grade), the pressure step is 1 ~ 30KV;
  • Measurement channel: 3 channels are connected, 3 channels are reversed, and current can be measured from 1mA to 15A.

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