XD6150 relative dielectric loss and capacitance charging detector

XD6150 relative dielectric loss and capacitance charging detector

Suitable for on-line measurement and analysis of capacitive state transformers, capacitive voltage transformers, coupling capacitors, capacitive bushings and other capacitive devices and insulation state parameters of metal oxide surge arresters

Product features

  • Openness
                  In the same power station, there is no limit on the number, phase and location of the equipment under test. It does not need to be connected to the measurement and control host, and the relative position is not considered.
  • Integrity
                  All tested units can obtain test results in one operation;                  
                  The test method can be performed automatically, in a single, continuous or periodic manner.
  • Full waveform measurement
                 The resolution of the measured signal is sampled, and the pure fundamental waveform, phase, amplitude, harmonic parameters and full current waveform can be obtained through mathematical processing such as background FFT.
  • Full data analysis
                 It can measure the phase and relative dielectric loss (tangent value) between any monitored objects. It can calculate the relative or absolute capacitance, voltage, current, harmonics and other electrical parameters of the relevant test object according to the benchmark parameters obtained by setting or measurement. Characteristics and magnitude.
  • Safety
                 Detecting the access of the front end (module), there is no operational factor affecting the test article;                 
                 The frequency band and intensity of the wireless communication between the detection units are in compliance with the relevant safety regulations.
  • Verify
               The testing unit has fully considered the verification requirements and can be verified in the laboratory or in the field;                                The calibration deviation can be directly corrected directly by the measurement and control software.
  • Measurement and control software
               All detection controls can be performed remotely via system software;                

               Complete data analysis and processing functions. The built-in expert diagnosis system can intelligently analyze and determine the insulation state of the tested products.

Technical Parameter

  • Bus voltage: Measuring range35KV~1000KV,Measurement error±1%;
  • Harmonic voltage:three、fIve、seven、nine or eleven times,error±1%;
  • Full current: Measuring range100uA~1000mA,error ± (standard reading × 1% + 5uA);
  • Resistive current: measuring range 10uA ~ 100mA, error ± (standard reading × 2% + 5uA);
  • Capacitive current: measuring range 50uA ~ 100mA, error ± (standard reading × 2% + 5uA);
  • Equivalent capacitance: measurement range 10pF ~ 0.3uF, error ± (standard reading × 1%);
  • Dielectric loss factor: measurement range -50% to 50%, error ± (standard reading × 1% + 0.001);
  • System frequency: Measurement range 40Hz ~ 65Hz, error ± 0.01Hz.

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