XD20ck high voltage switch program controller

XD20ck high voltage switch program controller

  • This product is a high-voltage switch operation control device developed according to the requirements of the high-voltage power station of Zhejiang Electric Power Test Institute for large-scale power station commissioning.

Product features

  • Provides an electrically fully independent three-pair, combined command output port that can be operated simultaneously or separately.
  • It can realize the operation control of separate, combination,and the command duration and interval duration can be set.
  • Each command port is provided with a monitoring port, which generates a 5V state level in synchronization with the command issuance and revocation, and is monitored by an external oscilloscope.
  • A built-in large screen displays the length and interval of the actual operation command in a curvilinear manner.
  • Can withstand electromagnetic interference at 500KV substation site

Technical parameter

  • Operating command duration: 50~999ms adjustable, step size 1ms;
  • Combination instruction interval: 0~999ms adjustable, step size 1ms.
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